Thursday, November 7, 2013


autumn is graceful

my patterned quilt inching its way to the floor during those cool, dreamful nights
dropping its blanketed weight beneath the bed's trunked frame
content in laying so quietly and softly within its folds
like when you place your hand on the water's surface
hovering there, feeling where air and water meet the earth of your palm
the movement between negative and positive space

not every fall can be as graceful, but at least we have autumn to look up to.

tree trunk and sprouts
berlin, germany
120 mm film

charlotte on the farm
vassar college, poughkeepsie, new york
35mm film
fallen leaves
berlin, germany
120mm film
charlotte's hair in the grass
vassar college, poughkeepsie, new york
twin trunks
berlin, germany
120mm film

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