Monday, September 30, 2013

faint familiarity

my eyes are full
full like the moon

circular thoughts
circular stories
circular days
circular nights
each point new
yet familiar

volleyball net at sunset
westhampton, new york
life regenerating
reborn into different memories
different spaces

i wonder about the placement of body and mind
in my deja vu-ed existence
maybe my spirit controls these karmatic moments
circling and circling
not repeating, each step still special
but with a faint familiarity

contact ball in the sand
long beach, new york
like the hundreds of dandelion cores
each tasseled seed floating away
replanting and replanting
each point new, unexplored soil
yet familiar

i like faint familiarity
it lets me unclench my fists
open my fingers
and watch

watch the tasseled seeds float
between the spaces where my fingers were clenched so tight
reminding me
of my deja vu-ed existence

"Geometric Constructions of Antiquity, 6"
Christopher Badger

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