Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some Days of Senior Daze (S.S.), Part I: Will Rosenthal

Name: William Zahn Rosenthal

Age: 18

Occupation: 1. Student, Malibu High School, Class of 2013
2. Employee of Salvation (Nike)
3. Basketball, Lacrosse and Golf Player
4. Future Head Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers

will close up #1
malibu high school, malibu, california

Will's Song:
will full length
malibu high school, malibu, california

My Question:
"Where are you right now?"

Will's Answer:
"The question of "where I am now" is a tough one to answer, because in reality I am somewhere different every time I take a step. But after I thought about what the question is really asking, I realized I knew exactly where I am. I (and all my friends) am in a transitional stage of my life. I am about to experience something that I haven’t done in 18 years, live on my own. So right now, my life is about to flip flop. I am leaving my home that I have lived my entire life, leaving my family that I have been with my whole life, and leaving my friends who I have been with my entire life. I am in a place that is foreign to me. I am in a place that I have no experience with. It is a little bit scary to think about leaving all of these great things, but I know great things are to come as well. For all of my friends, in about 6 months, our real lives start. No more mom and dad to help you with all the little things. I am cherishing my home, my family, and my best friends; but I am also waiting, waiting for my life to begin. But as far as where I really am RIGHT NOW, I’m at Horizon with all the homies. SS for life."
will close up #2
malibu high school, malibu, california

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