Wednesday, December 5, 2012


i take comfort in pretending i'm lost in time.
like the girl in the library,
whose sweater matches the worn, 
red bindings of the books she sits in front of.

it would be nice to have a piano 
play the tones of your life as you lived them.
i like thinking that when the wind blows around my neck,
someone is listening, playing a tune in sync with my steps.
it's so much more romantic that way.

i want to climb into a boat during the velvet of night and lay, 
rocking to sleep under a glittered sky.
all of these things are without time;
a sweater, a book, a piano, a whisper, a boat.
they make me bury my nose in my scarf,
breathe deeply
and fill the longing in my chest.

by the pond
woodstock, new york

friends walking
vassar college, poughkeepsie, new york

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