Friday, August 10, 2012


i like talking without words
most of the time when we use words,
what ends up falling out of our mouths
is exactly that, just falling
free falling really, with that empty feeling in my belly
i would rather my energy rise then fall
and by just raising an eyebrow 
or the corner of a mouth
so much more is heard than falling words

i think the next gift i give will be a song with a big pretty bow
the bow will match the color of the song of course
my gift would have no words
or maybe weird words that no one could understand with language
that way when whoever opened my gift listened
it would be a little test
what would they make of
the tingling in their fingertips
or the buzzing in their stomach
or that swelling blob feeling in their chest 
if they could make a language out of that,
yeah...i think they would pass

saratoga springs, new york

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